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Welcome to PUK Puppet Theatre in autumn

When you visit Tokyo, please come to PUK Puppet Theatre.
Puppets are will coming to you!

“The Story heard from the Fog and the Wind”

Kaju lives and spend peacefully quietly in the countryside of the Northeast of Japan. One day Kaju heard two fascinating talks from the fog and the wind, “Ant and Mushroom” , “The beginning of deer dancing”.

“Ant and Mushroom”

It is early morning in the forest. An army of little ants are on watch. Suddenly a whitely glowing suspicious object appears, growing larger and larger before their very eyes. The ants are thrown into panic!

“The Origin of the Deer Dance” 

When Kaju went out to the mountains to pick mushrooms he encountered four deer. They were fascinated by the chestnut dumplings and hand towel he put down. The evening sun glitters even more brightly, and the deer dance begins.

Hitomane-Ahiru  “The Copycat Drake”

Once upon a time, there was a very greedy drake who was envious of everyone around him. So, he got the long neck from the swan, the huge bill of the pelican,・・・. The transformed drake looks very strange but he claims to be the king of drakes!


Sat 21th October, 10:30/14:00
Sun 22th October, 10:30/14:00

Wed 1th November, 10:30
Fri 3th November, 10:30 /14:00
Sat 4th November, 10:30
Sun 5th November, 10:30/14:00
Sat 11th November, 14:00
Sun 12th November, 10:30/14 :00
Sat 18th November, 14:00
Sun 19th November, 10:30/14:00
Thu 23th November, 10:30/14:00

PUK Puppet Theatre

It takes about 7min, on your foot from the south exit of Shinjuku JR-railway-station.
〒151-0053 2-12-3,Yoyogi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo Japan

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